Exemption Categories


Players may be exempt based on one and/or more of the following categories:

To become officially entered, every exempt player must register through our online registration site provided in your invitation prior to the deadline (May 17th.)

Exempt players will be mailed/emailed invitations beginning in February.

  1. Qualify under categories A, B, C, D, E, or F
  2. Has received a committee exemption from the Players Amateur Selection Committee


A. Exemptions Based on Previous Players Amateur Tournaments

A-1.      Past Players Amateur Champions
A-2.      Top 20 players and Ties Previous Year
A-3.      Sea Pines Junior Heritage Champion (current year)


B. Exemptions Based on Amateur rankings and events

B-1.      Top 100 World Ranking in SPWAR rankings (4/1/2019)
B-2.      Top 100 U.S. Rankings in SPWAR rankings (4/1/2019)
B-3.      Top 100 in College Golf Stat Rankings (4/1/2019)
B-4.      Top 100 in USGA/R&A World Rankings (4/1/2019)
B-5.      United States Walker Cup Team Members (2017)
B-6.      United States World Amateur Team (2016)
B-7.      United States Palmer Cup Team (2018)
B-8.      Champion of: British Amateur, US Mid-Amateur, US Junior Amateur (2018)
B-9.      US Amateur (Sweet sixteen - Previous Year)
B-10.    US Open Participant (current and previous year)
B-11.    Top 5 NCAA Finals (current and previous year)
B-12.    US Amateur Stroke Play Medalist (previous year)
B-13.    USGA Fourball (current year)
B-14.    Western Amateur (Sweet 16 -previous year)




C. Exemptions based on other Amateur Events

       Winner and Runner Up (Current year):

C-1.      Jones Cup (current year)
C-2.      Northeast Amateur (previous year)
C-3.      Sunnehanna Amateur (previous year)
C-4.      NEC Masters of Amateur (January 2019)
C-5.      South Beach International Amateur (previous year)
C-6.      Porter Cup (previous year)
C-7.      Canadian Amateur (previous year)
C-8.      Southern Amateur (previous year)
C-9.      Pacific Coast Amateur (previous year)
C-10.    Trans Mississippi Amateur (previous year)
C-11.    Latin American Amateur (current year)
C-12.    Asian-Pacific Amateur (previous year)


D. Exemptions based on other Amateur Events (Winner Only)

        In no particular order:


D-1.     South Carolina Amateur (previous year)
D-2.     Azalea Invitational (current year)
D-3.     North/South Amateur (previous year)
D-4.     Terra Cotta (current year)
D-5.     Palmetto Amateur (previous year)
D-6.     Sahalle Players Invitational (previous year)
D-7.     Dogwood Invitational (previous year)
D-8.     Monroe Invitational (previous year)
D-9.     Rice Planters (previous year)

E. Exemptions Based of Other Amateur Events
E-1.      Berkeley Hall Champion
E-2.      Hilton Head Island Amateur Champion

E-3.      Top 5 Boys AJGA Rolex Rankings (as of April 1st)

E-4.      IJGA Champion


F. Committee Exemption -  All exemptions are at the discretion of the Selection Committee.


NOTE: The first 81 players who qualify under any of the exemption categories above and properly register for the event through the link provided on their invitation prior to the registration deadline (MAY 17th) will be accepted into the field.