The Players Amateur believes that you make up the best that amateur golf has to offer and that is why you have been invited to participate in the Players Amateur. With this invitation comes the responsible of representing the game of golf as well as your respected Universities or Country. In order to assure the conduct of all Contestants and guests, the Players Amateur will enforce a “Code of Conduct”. Furthermore, Contestants and Guests who fail to abide by the “Code of Conduct” are subject to disciplinary action which include but are not limited to the ejection from the field and removal from the tournament grounds immediately. Every Contestant and Guest agrees to this “Code of Conduct” to participate in the tournament and any tournament related function. 


A. Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

  • The use of any illegal substances on tournament grounds will be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct and you will be disqualified from the golf tournament and will be removed from the tournament grounds immediately.
  • The consumption of alcohol by any persons under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught providing alcohol to a person underage will be disqualified from the golf tournament and removed from the tournament grounds immediately.
  • Smoking will only be permitted for contestants and guests who are of legal age and in the accordance with Berkeley Hall Club rules regarding when and where it is allowable to smoke.
  • Proof of Age -  ALL Contestants of The Players Amateur will be required to wear their tournament issued credentials to all functions. Under 21 is represented by a red bar on the credential.  Over 21 is represented by a green bar on the credential.


 B. On Course Etiquette

  • At no time should abusive or inappropriate language be used, or disrespect shown to tournament staff, volunteer, rules officials or property owners. 
  • Mistreatment of the golf course in any way and the throwing of clubs is strictly prohibited.


C. Off Course Behavior

  • Golf carts must be operated in the matter they were intended to be used.
     Absolutely no riding on the back off carts will be permitted
  • You MUST wear your official tournament ID badge to all functions.  All parents, Caddies, friends and coaches MUST pay for the meals they eat.  Week Long Meal Plans for family and guests will be available for purchase.
  • Vandalism and/or destruction of any property on the tournament grounds will not be tolerated and anyone who is caught doing so will be financially held reasonable for replacement/repair as well as be disqualified from the golf tournament and will be removed from the tournament grounds immediately.  Disrespectful treatment and/or abusive or inappropriate language towards tournament staff, volunteer, rules officials or property owners will not be tolerated at any time. 


D. Attire

  • When you arrive at the golf course you are expected not only to act like a golfer, but to look like one as well.
  • Appropriate golf Attire is required for all players and guests on the course and inside the clubhouse. Shirts with collars, turtlenecks or mock collars and sleeves must be worn at all times. Slacks or golf shorts must be worn. No cargo shorts, tank tops, T-Shirts, cut-offs, denim pants, denim shorts, sweat pants, bathing suits, or other athletic shorts are permitted in the clubhouse. Hats are not to be worn in the Clubhouse. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.


 E. Cell Phone

  • The use of cell phones is prohibited throughout the Clubhouse, Spa & Fitness Center, Learning Center and golf courses, unless in vibrate mode. Cell phone use is specifically permitted in the locker rooms. Guests who make or receive calls in any other areas of the Clubhouse or Spa & Fitness Center must step outside immediately.